Where to get your bowl of Scouse on Global Scouse Day

Picture taken by: Takashi Hososhima

Today is a big day for any pancake-lovers but an even bigger day if you’re a Scouser after a big bowl of Scouse on Global Scouse Day today.

You can get a bowl of Scouse in plenty of places in Liverpool today and there are plenty of places in L1 to find some.

1. Ma Egerton’s Stage Door behind the Empire Theatre on Pudsey Street – the famous pizza shop are doing beef Scouse on a 2 for 1 offer and if you’ve never tried Scouse before, they’re giving away a free sample to each customer who has never tried it before.

2. Nolita Cantina on Bold Street – they’re serving beef and blind Scouse all day with any Toxteth IPA beers for £2.50 each when Scouse is purchased.

3. The Monro on Duke Street – serving lamb Scouse with a free local beer.

4. Fruit and Fibres Canteen and Craft Workshop on Norfolk Street – they’ve got offers on for £7 for all you can eat Scouse or £4.50 for a bowl.

5. Fly in the Loaf on Hardman Street – have got an offer on of a bowl of Scouse with a pint of local ale for £10.

6. BrewDog Liverpool on Colquitt Street – they’re serving beef and blind Scouse and are also doing beef and/or vegan Scouse burgers.

7. Baltic Fleet on Wapping Street – are doing beef and blind Scouse.

Also, if you see any homeless people around today, let them know that Maray on Bold Street have a got a free Scouse tent set up in the square opposite their restaurant by Love Thy Neighbour!

Let us know in the comments or on Facebook where you’re planning on getting your bowl of Scouse today!

Happy Global Scouse Day!

After today’s poll on Twitter it looks like the majority of Scousers will be eating pancakes rather than a bowl of Scouse!

Amy, L1 Whipsers x


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