Why has Love Thy Neighbour closed? 

The new, and quite popular, cafe bar has shut its doors for the 6th and 7th March to ‘take time to upgrade our kitchen and further our staff training’. 

The much-loved cafe that served anything from superfood smoothies to cocktails and small plates of food to go with was hyped up majorly before it opened last year. 

After many food critics and reviewers took their turn to go to the cafe, the Liverpool Echo said that “brunch fell flat” but they’d still return to the cafe after saying smoothies were “bland” and “generic”. 

The online newspaper compared the new and upcoming cafe to Bold Street Coffee which sits on the opposite side of the road, stating that their coffee is in fact better than Love Thy Neighbour’s. 

Complaints were made about there being a staff shortage and food and drinks taking too long to come to tables. 

Maybe when the cafe reopens staff will be better trained as it would be a waste of such a pretty social place. 

Have you ever been to Love Thy Neighbour? What did you think? Let us know! 

Amy, L1 Whispers x


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