Top 7 beer gardens in Liverpool 

Picture: Evangeline Harley

With summer quickly approaching and the sun finally deciding to come out, there’s no better excuse to be spending your afternoons in some of Liverpool’s finest beer gardens.

Holly Mcevoy tests beer gardens in Liverpool City Centre and has found her favourites.

1. Constellations 

This cute urban garden is amongst some of the many popular clubs in the Baltic Triangle. The club was previously a warehouse before its transformation into a trendy little hideaway which now offers great food and music.

2. The Pumphouse 

This is truly one of Liverpool’s hot spots when it’s sunny, sitting right on the Albert Dock, it’s one of the best places to enjoy a drink in the sun. This pub is often popular with the tourists and you will find yourself chatting to people from all over.

Picture: calflier001

3. Free State Kitchen

Being in the middle of a busy city it’s often hard to find a proper beer garden. But don’t worry the Free State Kitchen has got you sorted. Set right in the middle of the city the garden is one of the very few that has real grass and trees with wooden benches making it the perfect place to relax.

4. Allerton Hall
Set in the south of Liverpool this is perfect for those just outside the city centre. Known as “the pub in the park” it has lots of space and a play area making it perfect for those with children as there is lots of space for them to run around whilst you can relax in the sun.

5. The Peacock

Based on seel street it’s for perfect for a chilled drink in the middle of town. With a courtyard at the side of the bar. The Peacock has proved very popular with the students of Liverpool, this and the fact that its serves pizza up until 2am, what’s not to love?

6. Thomas Rigby’s

If you’re looking for more of a traditional old school beer garden then Thomas Rigby’s is the one for you. Set on Dale Street it’s one of Liverpool’s oldest pubs and serves more than 40 world beers. Its secluded courtyard is well sized and tucked away from the main road making it a perfect hideaway to enjoy a few drinks in the sun.

Picture: Sue Adair

7. Matou

Famous for its gorgeous rooftop terrace, Matou is a pan-Asian restaurant that not only offers delicious food but amazing views at the same time. It is located right opposite Liverpool’s Three Graces giving you wonderful views of Liverpool’s architecture alongside its stunning waterfront. Definitely a great place to enjoy a cocktail or two.

These are Holly’s favourites, what are yours?

Holly, L1 Whispers x


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