Bold Street’s new organic and natural food market 

Radiant House on Bold Street is getting a £1 million refurbishment to make the new LIV Organic and Natural Food Market. The building previously held the Liverpool Gas Company and the people behind LIV are hoping to ‘revive a part of Liverpool’s entrepreneurial history’. 

The food market is aiming to be similar to Whole Foods, but to be Liverpool’s own version. The facilities inside will include a bakery, health and beauty section, a self-serve spice and bulk area, a cheese counter, a deli, and also the eatery. 

A spokesperson for LIV Organic and Natural Food Market said: “There is a high demand for something like this, there’s a definite gap in the market for one such as LIV.

“We hope to make dietary and organic foods much more accessible.” 

As it will be placed on Liverpool’s most independent street, the spokesperson for the new market said: “Bold Street was absolutely factored into our decision on where to locate it … it is the hub of independent stores in Liverpool and we feel it is a perfect match for us.” 

The market is also aiming to work with the council to promote recycling and they aren’t planning on using plastic bags in store. They are also going to make regular food donations to The Whitechapel Centre, one of Liverpool’s leading homelessness charities. 

All of the packaging that will be used by LIV is going to be from suppliers that share similar ethical beliefs to them. It will all be either recyclable, biodegradable, compostable or reusable, so nothing will go to waste or damage the environment. 

It will be launched in March 2017 and will hopefully be popular amongst the locals. 


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