Kazimier Gardens reopening for the summer months!

A slight scare to those in Liverpool when The Kazimier music venue shut down, with it being such a hidden gem it was a great disappointment, however the sadness did not last too much longer. The rise of the Kazimier Gardens is here to stay and perfect for the approaching warmer months.

Pictures: Charlotte Lewis 

Entering the garden with sectioned off wooden booths sitting around weaving trees and blooming flowers, above is an ocean of fairy lights that look like a million fireflies as the darkness sets. It feel’s like you’ve found somewhere rather unique encompassed in a secret garden.

Known for it’s huge beer selection and impressive cocktails this is the place to hide out in when fancying a drink. Around the beautifully crafted Kaz is of course some calming background music and during busier times even a live DJ keeping the spirits high. The bar also offers food alongside a vegetarian menu in case you want to fill your stomach while sitting back under the beautiful sky.

This special place has gained it’s position for a long time to come after signing a new 15 year lease, and that means more good times for everyone in Liverpool. An independent business that has thrived on it’s own even after the possibility of it being no more, people supported it due to it’s welcoming atmosphere perfect to reflect and relax.

32 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BE

Steph, L1 Whispers x


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