The best savoury egg dishes for Easter! 

Steph Kettle tries all the popular cafes around Liverpool One and tells us which are her favourite for savoury egg dishes as it’s coming up to Easter!

As Easter approaches the focus seems to be not the sweet treats that are all over the supermarkets, however if you like your eggs there are definitely some savoury egg dishes around Liverpool sure to entice you in if the chocolate becomes a little too much. 

1. Dale Street Eatery 

If you like your eggs the sunny side up then this little cafe on Dale Street can provide just that, runny yolk for days which will definitely please any egg-lover. 

2. Soul Cafe  

On the corner of Bold Street sits a revamped Soul Cafe serving the original comfort food of scrambled eggs on toast or bread of your choice, do not forget the drizzle of tomato sauce. 

3. Leaf on Bold Street  

A popular place to those in Liverpool, Leaf on Bold Street cannot be forgotten, their poached eggs and smashed avocado on toast is an all rounder, served with cooked tomatoes, a sprinkle of chives on a granary bread masterpiece. 

4. Moose Coffee

Moose and Moonshine don’t mess about with their eggs, order The Bronx Brunch with any choice of eggs, poached, fried or scrambled a perfect hangover cure or weekend treat. 

5. The Brunch Club  

Another contender for avocado and egg on toast, The Brunch Club provides another poached eggs competitor, a game changer in itself a sprinkle of feta goes down a treat.

All pictures: Steph Kettle

Steph, L1 Whispers x 


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