Smash and Grab break-ins in Liverpool city centre

Picture: John Bradley 

In recent weeks if you have walked around Bold Street, Seel Street or Dale Street you will probably have noticed many businesses with smashed shop windows. Businesses such as Root Coffee, Bakchich and Dale Street Eatery have had their windows broken recently due to ‘smash and grab’ break-ins.


Picture: John Bradley

Due to the rise of break ins in the region a meeting was held at the Bold Street hub, Leaf, on Monday evening to come up with a resolution to the ongoing issues. Many turned up for the meeting, including worried shop owners from the area. Local Superintendent Mark Wiggins and Councillor Steve Munby both spoke at the meeting.

Business owners and customers alike will be glad to hear that Supt Mark Wiggins notified all in attendance that he would be deploying four extra Merseyside police officers to patrol the area with the hope of putting a stop to the break-ins.

This announcement comes after the owner of Koop and Kasbah had said publicly that he intended to hire his own security to stop the crime. But, hopefully now he will not have to take matters into his own hands.

Also on the agenda at the meeting were issues regarding the cleanliness of Bold Street and the surrounding area and the number of alleged ‘professional beggars.’

Do you think that the addition of extra police officers will tackle trouble on Bold Street? Let us know your thoughts @L1Whispers1.

Bronnie, L1 Whispers x


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