Liverpool’s homeless charities need your help!

After speaking to a local homelessness charity today – Helping Hands Homeless Support – it is clear that the charities of Liverpool supporting homeless people around the city need your help. 

The group of volunteers are people with full-time jobs who spend their Sunday’s and every other Friday evenings helping out the homeless people in Liverpool at St Luke’s Church (Bombed Out Church). They desperately need your help to bring in unwanted clothes, shoes, sleeping bags and anything that can make them warmer for their long nights ahead. 

After speaking to volunteer, Carly Lamb, she said: “We just do the best we can for them to have warm clothes and something to eat in the day. 

“It’s amazing what something like this can do for them.” 

Photos: Amy Harding

The charity relies on public donations and gives out hot and cold food, hot drinks, clothes, shoes and sleeping bags which are all donated by the public and themselves. 

A homeless person who goes to the soup kitchen every week helps set things up and has become a friend to the volunteers over time said: “It’s just amazing what they do, they’re angels sent from above.” 

They are also partnered with another charity which means they can pick up food from supermarkets that is due to go in the bin but is still perfectly good to be eaten! 

Another volunteer, Kay Penkethman, said: “It’s all we can do but it’s the best we can do for them, they’re getting food, something to drink and clothes on their back. 

“Some people who come here look critically ill and it makes me wish we could do more but there’s only so much you can do to help.” 

To take a look at what they do you can visit their Facebook page Helping Hands – Homeless and Community Support, their website at or you could just go on down to their soup kitchens at the Bombed Out Church every Sunday and every other Friday! Clothing donations are welcome at these to help keep the homeless warm at night. 

Amy, L1 Whispers x 


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