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Artisane Bakery

A new French bakery has opened on Bold Street, a branch is already open on Woolton Road from the specialist bakery The French Corner in Aintree which supplies restaurants with French produce.

As well as supplying restaurants and farmers’ markets, they also supply Liverpool FC and Chester Racecourse.

The new bakery will also be a part of Independent Liverpool so you can use your cards there and get 10% off purchases over £10!

If you’re into fresh breads and cakes you’ll more than likely want to pay Artisane a visit if you’re in the city centre. You might even stop to get your lunch as they sell freshly made sandwiches and pies as well! If you want something a little more sweet, they have a large selection of eclairs, pattes d’ours and framboisier.

If you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding or anniversary, you can pick any of the bakery’s special cakes and have them personalised to fit your celebration!

If you want to visit the bakery, you’ll find them at:

84a Bold Street

L1 4HR


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