Cow & Co Cafe

Admittedly visiting chain coffee shops can sometimes be the easier option, however when finding more independent places it excites the usually mundane activity of ordering yourself a cup of java, and in fact can be a totally different experience.

A little coffee shop tucked round the corner in Liverpool City Centre is ‘The Cow & Co Cafe’. With a 5 minute walk from my flat I always seem to gravitate towards it when passing and decided to go and explore. Inside it is simple but done in style, with shelves where magazines and novels rub shoulders it gives off the impression that this is a place to recover and relax.

Aside from it being quite compact inside it doesn’t feel uncomfortable and seems to nail the cosy feel. Four wooden tables fit perfectly and tucked to the side is a staircase to more sitting space that is quite accompanying a ‘secret attic’ vibe. With little daylight, quirky spot lights are positioned around to light each table, if you’re feeling like you need a break from the hustle and bustle or even just to take time for yourself, upstairs is great just for that.

Obviously ordering a coffee myself, I can say it was delightful, I say while trying not to be a coffee snob (in which self admittedly I probably am) . Alongside hot drinks and pastries the cafe specialise in bagels and sandwiches which are all freshly made to order on their homemade French seeded or rye bread. Expect sun-dried tomatoes, hummus, rocket and LOTS OF AVOCADO! However do not be deceived by these earthy foods, Cow&Co offer Nutella, banana and peanut butter too!

After a tiring day it was a lovely opportunity to reflect and refuel in a non-fussy environment. I noticed there is a benched seating area just outside the cafe that will be perfect in the summer to sit outside enjoying crafted coffee and food made with lots of lurv.

If ever passing in Liverpool, call in and you’ll be looked after I promise!

15 Cleveland Square


L1 5BE


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